Call the Commerce Department TODAY and Urge Immediate Publication of Final Export Control Reform Rules

NSSF- The Firearms Industry Trade Association

The Obama Administration’s Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative transferred export licensing of all commercial products to Commerce from State except for our industry! This antigun policy that was designed to harm our industry still remains in effect today.

Over a year ago proposed rules to transfer export licensing of sporting and commercial firearm and ammunition to Commerce from State were published in the Federal Register. The final rules have been ready for publication since March. While the Trump Administration stalls and delays publication of the final rules, antigun politicians in the House passed legislation to block these crucial reforms that will strengthen national security, reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens and allow our industry to create more good paying jobs in America.
The Trump Administration needs to hear from you TODAY!  Tell the Trump Administration to immediately publish the final rules and end this Obama antigun policy before it’s too late.
Call the Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security at 202-482-1455 and urge them to act immediately and publish the final rules for the USML to CCL transition for sporting and commercial firearms and ammunition products.
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