Umarex Airguns Participating in Ohio Event

FORT SMITH, AR (August 21st, 2019) – Umarex USA, innovator and marketer of a wide range of products for the outdoor sportsman, announced that it is sponsoring the 6th Annual Pyramyd Air Cup taking place at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio August 23-25, 2019.
Umarex Airguns will have a variety of airguns to shoot from its wide selection at its covered demo bay, which will be open to the public on Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. During the three-day event spectators can also watch shooters from around the globe compete in three shooting disciplines—Benchrest, Field Target, and Gunslynger. Among the various airguns being utilized in these competitions will be the Umarex Gauntlet.
The Gauntlet quickly became a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle that many shooters have found easy to modify to fit their shooting disciplines. Custom parts makers such as Hajimoto Productions and Jefferson State Air Rifles are just two such providers whose parts are being utilized to enhance a Gauntlet’s performance during the Pyramyd Air Cup.
“We consider it an honor that custom parts makers find such value in the Umarex Gauntlet that they’ve dedicated countless hours in making an already great product just that much better,” said Justin “JB” Biddle, director of marketing at Umarex USA, Inc. “While a shooter can take a stock Gauntlet out of the box and legitimately go compete in a target shooting competition, the numerous mods available simply enhance its inherent accuracy.”
Spectators can expect to see several Umarex Gauntlets on the firing lines. One of which is a .25 caliber Gauntlet with modifications “under-the-hood” to enhance its participation in the Benchrest competition. On the outside it has a 24 cubic inch carbon fiber wrapped air bottle, the same one designated for the .50 caliber Umarex Hammer, and a higher output regulator to complement its beautifully custom decorated red and black stock.
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About Umarex USA
Umarex USA, Incorporated is one of North America’s fastest growing family-owned outdoor sport and recreation companies. Umarex USA innovates, develops and markets products under brands owned or licensed by its parent company, UMAREX GmbH & Co. KG. Such brands include Axeon® Optics, Beretta®, Browning®, Colt®, Elite Force® Airsoft, Exude™ Lights, GLOCK®, Heckler & Koch®, Hornady®, IWI®, Ruger®, RWS®, Smith & Wesson®, T4E™, UMAREX®, Walther® and others. For additional information regarding Umarex USA visit

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