Brownells New Products by Paul Levy Product Manager

Paul Levy has a pile of goodies for us, starting with three super items from Geissele Automatics. Their Super Configurable AR-15 Safety is ambidextrous, and you can easily swap the different-sized levers from one side to the other. The Super Duty AR-15 Trigger Guard has extra room for a gloved trigger finger and it’s contoured for a flush, “of a piece” fit with the receiver. The Super Duty Lower Parts Kit includes these two items and Geissele’s upgraded small parts for the rest of the lower receiver. EGW’s Ambidextrous 1911 Thumb Safety is fully machined – no MIM or casting! – with oversized, non-slip, easy-to-operate thumb pads. From E-Lander, Paul has a 20-round STEEL .308 AR magazine with a retro-look waffle pattern stamped on the exterior. Fits DPMS LR-308 pattern rifles, including your Brownells BRN-10™, where it’ll look awesome! If you need more mag capacity in your AR-15, try Schmeisser’s 60-round polymer magazine imported by ATI. Lastly, for our law enforcement (LEO) viewers, there’s RMA Armament’s Level III and Level IV Armor Plates in polymer and ceramic, respectively, for less weight without compromising protection. More Brownells videos:

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