The UAV IMSI Catcher # CC4300U



  • Track mobile phones with remote
    aerial IMSI / IMEI collection
  • Gather data upon thousands of
    phones in minutes at fly-by speeds
  • Operation used for covert and discreet monitoring modes
  • Permits both real-time and post-image
  • mission identity round up of
    – Targeted suspects
    – Random phone traffic for
    analytical processing and cross comparison
  • Configurable Tracking and
    Intelligence Technologies
    for Law Enforcement and
    Government Users

The system functions as an “IMSI and ESN/IMEI Grabber”. Its User Interface was created for simple and intuitive operaon. Users simply power on the system to obtain immediate results while advanced users can access detailed parameter settings for custom
The System’s radio module is a soware defined transceiver that is configurable to support operations on any conventional cellular band in the 400MHz – 3GHz frequency range with current protocol support for GSM, UMTS and LTE (expandable to CDMA).
It supports full neighbor cell surveys (mobile country, network, location area and cell identity code) with simple “tower cloning” capability. Target IMSI, ESN/IMEI, and wildcard values can be remotely downloaded or keyed into the system. Interrogation result logs with all observed values are remotely exfiltrated or stored on the smart phone controller for post mission analysis. All logged data is tagged with GPS and date/me stamps as well as GPS latitude and longitude coordinates.
The system’s small form factor makes it ideal for deployment on a drone for overhead collection missions in bad areas where the surveillance officer cannot gain access to.


• IMSI/IMEI/ESN Interrogator built into a drone for airborne target collection
• GSM, UMTS & LTE capable (expandable to CDMA via s/w upgrade)
• Simple configuration and operaon
• Smartphone based IMSI Catcher controller via Bluetooth or WiFi
• Automated/manual post mission data log exfiltration from Smartphone Controller via Network or WiFi
• High capacity registration throughput
• Small ruggedized form factor that can mount into a drone for up to 2,000 meter distances (environmental conditions permitting)
• Soware Defined Radio (SDR) architecture for future protocol upgrades

APPLICATIONS: The UAV IMSI Catcher is the ideal solution for gathering intelligence in areas that are difficult for surveillance officers to access. The small form factor permits use with multiple drone configurations. Flight times will vary based on configuration with the provided power supply or integration with external client‐provided DC power.
The system has a flexible and simple to use GUI for basic to advanced users seeking to conduct complex IMSI catching operations.


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