Alien Gear Holsters: HUGE Live Event Coming Up!

Alien Gear Holsters invites you to a week long event of fun, learning, and giveaways for the conclusion of “United We Stand.” To help us celebrate this event we have invited Tier 1 US Army Special Operative Jason Beighley to join us and provide you with top level training techniques.
Here is a bio of Jason:
Jason Beighley served 25 years in the US Army, retiring as a Sergeant Major in 2009 as the Senior Enlisted Advisor of the R&D Department for the Army’s Tier 1 Special Mission Unit at Fort Bragg NC. His assignments included positions as a Team Sergeant, Assistant Team Sergeant, Squadron Master Breacher, Assistant Operations SGM, Assault Weapons Development Expert, and CDD Sergeant Major. He was responsible for the training of highly skilled soldiers for all facets of combat operations for over 10 years. Mr. Beighley deployed on multiple combat missions to Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. With over 10 years’ experience as a Senior Assaulter, Mr. Beighley is an accomplished trainer of CQB tactics, explosive and mechanical breaching, advanced marksmanship, mission planning, and leadership. Mr. Beighley also worked six years as a Combat Developer for small arms, where he was closely integrated with both government and industry in the development and fielding of numerous weapons and ammunition for SOF use between 2003 and 2009.

All week long starting on Monday September 9th, we will be hosting a series of live videos that will include training, information, giveaways….. and of course a lot of fun. Here is the Live Broadcast schedule for that week. All times are PST.
-Monday September 9th 3pm:
Introduction to Jason Beighley followed by an open Q&A from our live viewers
-Tuesday September 10th – Wed September 11: Alien Gear Range Day
All day long we will be going live from the range as Jason trains Alien Gear staff members in shooting skills and drills. Tune in to get a close look at the training and learn directly from Jason.
-Thursday September 12th 2:30pm: Challenge Jason and win!
Jason will be at the range taking on shooting challenges from our live stream audience. If he accepts your challenge and loses, you win a prize! Can you beat Jason?
-Friday September 13th 12pm: War Stories & Contest Winner Announcement
Join Jason and Nate for an episode of War Stories and watch live as they announce the winner of the United We Stand giveaway!

Carry with the Core Carry Pack.

Immediately following the tragedies of September 11th, 2001 Americans everywhere united together in an act of solidarity for the love and pride of our country, Communities from coast to coast came together to partake in a human experience that everyone needed at that moment. American flags flew off the shelf of stores and proudly flew in every neighborhood in America. As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, we would like to reflect on those days and remind Americans to continue to stand together.
To bring awareness for this call to stand together, we worked with some friends to put together a contest that we hope you will enter and share with your friends and family. First, let’s get to the prizes you can win!

  1. Custom Glock 19 from Arc Defense
  2. Crimson Trace CMR-208 tactical light
  3. Alien Gear Glock-19 holster
  4. Bigfoot gun belt
  5. American flag gun concealment case
  6. Tactica bugout bag
  7. SSP Methow protective eye-wear kit
  8. Mantis X10 High Tech shooting performance system
  9. 1 year subscription to Athlon Outdoors Magazines


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