SRC’s Counter-UAS Technology Chosen by the U.S. Military


SRC is applying its extensive background in electronic warfare, air surveillance, and target detection, tracking and classification algorithms to help detect, track and defend against drone threats.

In just 3 years, SRC has been awarded contracts totaling more than $300 million to deliver counter-UAS technology to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Visit SRC at DSEi 2019 (Booth N4-240) in London, UK to learn more about our counter-UAS technology.

Military Applications

SRC’s military grade Silent Archer® counter-UAS technology detects, tracks, identifies and defeats hostile UAS. The technology comprises proven, radar and electronic warfare systems, a camera for visual identification of targets and a 3-D user display to provide the warfighter with advanced situational awareness.

Security Applications

The rapidly expanding drone market presents a growing threat for critical infrastructure, IP protection and public safety. Small, slow, low-flying drones can easily slip through current security measures, posing an undetected threat to personnel and property. SRC’s Gryphon Skylight® drone security solution relies on radar and spectrum sensing to detect and identify UAS, commercial aircraft and even birds to give you a clear picture of your secure airspace.

Learn About Our Counter-UAS Technology

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