Visit Epsilor at DSEI



Lithium 6T batteries with the best energy density in the world

A new LFP based 6T battery with energy capacity of 2.85kWh joins the Lithium NCA 4.2kWh battery selected by 10 customers worldwide

Visit Epsilor at Booth N9­-256 at DSEI and see the following products:


Lithium 6T NATO Battery

Epsilor’s Lithium 6T (ELI-52526) high capacity battery comes to DSEI straight from rigorous operational testing accumulating thousands of kilometers of all terrain driving onboard IDF Merkava Mk-4. This world leading 4.2kWh battery was selected by 10 military and defense-industry customers to be integrated into their newly designed and modernized armored vehicles. Read more >>


Military Vehicle Batteries

Epsilor offers vehicle batteries in different formats and energy levels, addressing the requirements of modern and modernized combat vehicles. Epsilor will display an assortment of vehicle batteries for different applications: reconnaissance vehicle silent watch, shelter energy and power applications, start-stop, high voltage battery clusters for hybrid vehicles, etc. Read more >>


Smart Batteries and Chargers

Epsilor offers a wide range of standard and custom designed military batteries and chargers that meet the needs of dismounted operations. Read more >>


Custom Designs

As an expert developer and manufacturer of smart battery solutions, Epsilor offers defense-oriented batteries and charging systems for military vehicles, dismounted, airborne, marine and underwater applications.



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