L3Harris launches T4 medium-sized robot for urban security Ops.

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12 Sep 19.  L3Harris Technologies has launched a robotic system designed to meet the requirements of security operations in the challenging urban domain.

The T4 medium-sized robotic system will support operations such as clean-up of hazardous materials, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and special weapons and tactics (SWAT) missions. L3Harris is demonstrating the prototype robot at DSEI. T4 is much lighter and smaller than L3Harris’ military-grade T7 robot and offers the same ruggedness.

The system’s integrated controller interface is intended to improve the user experience and provide operators with enhanced command and control.

T4 also provides ‘human-like dexterity’ and ‘precision control’ to complete a task effectively and swiftly.

The availability of the ‘haptic force feedback’ feature is aimed to allow users to feel the impact when the robot arm comes into contact with something during operation.

L3Harris Space and Airborne Systems president Ed Zoiss said: “T4 brings life-saving technology to the medium-sized robotics market and reaffirms the importance of highly reliable, precise and easy-to-use systems for security forces worldwide.

“T4 combines strength, reach, intuitive control and robustness to deliver uncompromised performance anywhere, even in the most challenging urban environments.”

To meet challenges in congested environments, the robot is equipped with a rugged track system for improved mobility and maneuverability.

The company is looking to position the T4 system as a solution to meet the needs of global security and police forces.

T4 can be fitted with attachments to carry out bomb disposal operations inside tight spaces such as automobiles, aircraft, buses and trains. (Source: army-technology.com)

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