Beaverton, OR – Catalyst Arms, LLC, a firearms accessory company, has introduced the Apex Bag Rider for the rear stock of the Ruger Precision Rifle.  Now RPR shooters can improve shooting position stability and make rapid elevation aiming adjustments.  The Apex is wider than the factory bottom Picatinny rail, providing better support on bags, packs or even the support hand to help remain steady while taking a shot.  To help get on target the Apex Bag Rider’s angled shape allows for generous amount of rapid elevation adjustment.  Simply slide your rear support bag forward or backward to raise or lower the butt stock.  This lets the stock rest on the bag rather than relying on uneven applied grip pressure to maintain the desired shooting position.
The Apex bag rider is the latest in true RPR performance upgrades from Catalyst Arms including their Mag Release Extension, Hammerhead Bolt Knob and Fast Track arca rail handguard.


The Apex fits short action and magnum action Ruger Precision Rifles.  It slides over the factory bottom Picatinny rail and is locked down with a single screw without any modification or disassembly of the rifle. Designed specifically for the Ruger Precision Rifle stock it is lightweight and snag resistant.   The new Catalyst Arms Apex Bag Rider is now available, is made from Nylon 11, available in matte black and has an MSRP of $44.95. For information on the Apex bag rider and other RPR performance upgrades go to

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