AirMap, Wing, and Other USS Unveil ASTM Network Remote ID Readiness in Live Demonstrations in the US and Switzerland

In the last few days, AirMap and other companies across the drone industry successfully demonstrated an implementation of the ASTM Remote ID and Tracking standard to support the remote identification of drones by law enforcement and citizens in the United States and Switzerland.

The ASTM Remote ID and Tracking standard provides a flexible and scalable way to remotely identify drones while protecting operator privacy. The standard proposes a Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS), which enables UAS Service Suppliers (USS) to exchange safety-critical information while protecting operator privacy.

To support the demonstrations, AirMap successfully deployed all core components of the ASTM remote ID standard implementation, including a DSS node, a Remote ID Service and Display Provider Service, and an AR-powered Remote ID Display functionality to participating observers using the AirMap for Drones mobile application.
Remote ID is essential to the advancement of the drone industry because it allows for safety, accountability, and transparency for all stakeholders. These demonstrations showed that ASTM network remote ID works and is available today to the drone industry with minimal government infrastructure investment. AirMap is proud to be a contributor in operationalizing the remote ID standard globally.

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