Sneak Preview: Survival Filter Electric Pro X Water Filtration System


The importance of clean potable water can not be overemphasized. Whether on the trail, or in emergency survival conditions, the purity of the water you intake is paramount to your well being. Yet water quality is not broadly understood.  Ponds or lakes subjected to eutrophication with their abundance of plant matter may look safe, but in reality the same nutrients producing an abundance of flora my also support bacterial blooms. Escherichia coli, better known  as E. coli is transmitted via the oral fecal route. Cattle, or even human waste matter, can readily transmit this anaerobic bacterium. So it’s essential, especially abroad, and in under developed areas to have a system that will filter out a high percentage of bacteria and viruses.

Canadian Company, Survival Filter has recently introduced the world’s first portable electric water filter, the Electric Pro X. With over 100,000 liter lifespan, it will keep your water, no matter where in the world you may find yourself safe to drink, and it’s exactly what should be in all emergency preparedness kits. 


Read my upcoming review October 2019…

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