USIQ Tenant Spotlight: LIRCES 3’s Internal Scope Cap V2

Macungie, PA (Sept. 30, 2019)- Light Infantry Research Combat Execution Solutions (LIRCES) created the Internal Scope Cap ISC V2-hands-down the most advanced tactical scope cap on the market. The ISC V2 protects scopes and other optics used in combat environments. It includes advanced features to reduce deadly scope flash and boost target identification during tactical operations. Built like a tank without flip-up covers to break or damage, it’s the best tactical scope cap on the market. Period!

The ISC is the complete replacement for the flip-up scope cap. It uses a twist-to-open adjustable aperture, minimizing the light reflected off the scope lens. A honeycomb grid and protective lens further reduce glint and glare while protecting the iris and scope lens. The honeycomb filter is removable. Removable protective lenses come in a variety of colors to reduce eye strain and enhance target acquisition.

While on a mission as a sniper in Afghanistan, Seth Lowell-the owner of Lirces 3-had a cheap pair of plastic flip-up scope caps warp in the sun. The caps flipped open and later broke during a movement. The scope on his $20,000 sniper weapon system was now vulnerable to damage while reflecting light off the front objective lens, potentially giving away his position. Back at home, Lowell vowed to design an enhanced tactical scope cap for combat environments that saves troops and prevents costly scope repairs for the military.

The ISC V2 is available in 14 sizes, from 26 mm to 68 mm, which covers nearly all scope sizes-custom sizes and direct thread caps are available upon request. The ISC aluminum housing and high-quality composite rubber ring protect the cap (and scope lens) while eliminating warping in the sun like plastic molded flip-up scope caps. LIRCES sells its ISC V2 scope caps direct from their website and can fill any sized order, including custom-sized ISC V2 in bulk orders.

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