Blaser USA Introduces R8 Ultimate Bolt Action Rifle


Blaser USA’s R8 Ultimate bolt-action rifle.  The latest addition to the Blaser R8 line is available in two options: R8 Ultimate and R8 Ultimate Leather.  Both feature an ergonomic synthetic thumbhole stock that ensures a comfortable, relaxed shooting position and optimal control of the rifle when firing.

Additional Options:

Adjustable Comb:  The intuitively operated, multi-level adjustable comb ensures perfect mounting.

Recoil Absorption System:  The easily inserted recoil pad with a recoil absorption system makes for a pleasant shooting experience, even with larger calibers.  The internal absorption elements are available in different hardness and can greatly reduce muzzle rise while shooting.

Adjustable Recoil Pad:  The adjustable length, height, and pitch of the recoil pad allow for quick and easy adjustment for different shooters.

R8 Ultimate Rifle                                            $4,519
R8 Ultimate w/ Leather Inlays Rifle               $5,663
Ultimate Adj Comb – Elastomer                    $492
Ultimate Adj Comb – Leather                       $616
Recoil Absorption System                           $308
Adjustable Recoil Pad                                   $556
R8 Rimfire Conversion Kit                             $1,450
(Includes Barrel, Magazine Insert, & Bolt Head)  


Now available for the Blaser R8 is a .22 Long Rifle conversion kit.  The .22 caliber rimfire kit includes the barrel, newly designed magazine and bolt head.  This will allow R8 owners to easily change larger calibers to the small-bore .22 LR.



Ultimate Guide to the R8


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