FLIR Thermal & Night Vision for the Outdoors

The Latest in FLIR Thermal
for Hunting & Outdoors

Whatever you’re looking to do—track big game, stop predators from harming your livestock, or find a member of your hunting party in the woods—FLIR thermal vision will help you get it done.
See more of your surroundings more than ever. Learn more about the latest in thermal imaging technology for hunting and outdoor activities.

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2 Responses to FLIR Thermal & Night Vision for the Outdoors

  1. Yazz Atlas says:

    I wish someone would do a real review of thermal devices. Starting around 25 meters up to 1200 meters. Most of the youtube thermal footage doesn’t actually have any range data. So choosing a 4x or 8x thermal scope depends on what? Some manufacturer share the detection range and if your lucky they may mention identification range too (what the hell that hot blob is, dog, hog, or man). FLIR products are interesting but just navigating there website and looking at specs for different models the information on detection and identification ranges is lacking for many models. How do you choose to spend 2k to 15k on thermal devices based on the lack of real reviews?


    • That’s a great point you make and I’m not sure what the right solution is, but it seems that FLIR and some of the manufacturers could produce tutorials.There’s a book that’s been published by a couple of German scientists Seeing an Invisible World History of Thermal Imaging but it’s pretty technical and doesn’t’t answer the questions you have. Next time I get together with FLIR, I’ll share your concerns.


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