AirMap and Industry Partners Successfully Demonstrate Dynamic Geofencing Capabilities

AirMap, Aeromapper, SPH Engineering and Industry Partners Successfully Demonstrate Dynamic Geofencing Capabilities as Part of SESAR GEOSAFE Project

Earlier this year, the European Commission adopted EU-wide rules designed to pave the way for safe, efficient, and secure airspace access for large numbers of drones. As part of these rules, EU Member States can define designated no-fly zones where drones are not allowed to enter, including airports, airfields, and city centers.
Geofencing is essential to ensuring that drones comply with airspace restrictions. Geofences prevent drones from entering no-fly zones and keep them away from protected areas and critical infrastructure. Geo-caging, by contrast, does not allow drones to fly beyond a set boundary. Both measures are critical to keeping complex low-altitude airspace safe for all.
In an effort to evolve U-space capabilities for EU-wide implementation, AirMap is participating in GEOSAFE, a SESAR Joint Undertaking funded project aimed at researching, developing, and testing foundational and advanced geofencing services. Learn more about how AirMap and industry partners recently demonstrated the three tiers of geofencing aligned with U-space capability levels.

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