Laura Burgess Marketing Clients at the 2019 NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting

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2019 NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting

Oct. 22 – 25, 2019 | Orlando, Florida

For your convenience, Laura Burgess Marketing has listed clients that we feel you should visit during your 2019 NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting experience. You’ll find booth numbers and new products or promotions listed. After the show, follow up with us for more information, high resolution images or T&E products. We look forward to another successful NASGW Show and it is all because of you!

Cimarron Firearms Company

Booth 1827

Cimarron Firearms Company will be exhibiting their full line-up of pistols and long guns, including their Walker’s Walker, a very special reproduction revolver celebrating 200 years of the Texas Rangers, the very popular 62′ Pocket Navy Conversion reproduction revolver with a modern twist (it uses standard .380 ACP ammo), and their line of Winchester Model 1894 rifles.

EAA/USSG (European American Armory)

Booth 1101

EAA Corp. will be displaying its new 2020 handgun and long gun products, including the recently released MC12 Gobbler 12 ga. Shotgun, along with the MC312 Sporting and MC312 Tactical long guns. From the Girsan line, EAA will present the Regard MC Gen 3 in 9mm and the Regard MC BX with a threaded barrel extension and the MC1911SC Ultimate. Plenty new from the Tanfoglio line including all the Witness Xtreme models such as the Witness Limited Xtreme, the Witness Stock III Xtreme, the Witness Domina Xtreme, and the Witness Match Xtreme.

Lyman Products Group

Booth 911

Lyman® Products continues to provide variety, innovation, and value to its distributors and retailers throughout the year with its new product offerings throughout their brand catalog. From ballistic data handbooks, reloading components, and target shooting accessories, Lyman has been the go-to company for sport shooters, from beginners to professional gunsmiths.

Meprolight USA

Booth 523

Meprolight USA® was opened in early 2019 to facilitate a closer relationship with US distributors and retailers with a goal of reaching the US commercial market. Meprolight’s products offer the American consumer some of the latest innovations in electro-optic sight systems for handguns and long guns that are ready to take on any challenge, whether for target shooting, hunting, or home defense. All of Meprolight’s products offer energy-efficiency, large window displays, compact housing systems, easy-to-use controls, multiple reticle options, quick detach mechanisms, and superior clarity and performance in any environmental condition.


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