All New Concealed Carry Leggings for the Lady in Your Life.

Concealed Carry Leggings for the Lady in Your Life.

Our friends over at Tactica Defense Fashion have released their new concealed carry leggings, the perfect gift for a loved one who wants to look good while staying safe.

Why is it so difficult to find a pair of leggings that will make it safe and easy to carry your firearm? Tactica Fashion Defense has solved this problem by adding a covered trigger guard for safety, plus comfortable, durable materials.



Crafted with Comfort.

Our flawless blend of spandex and nylon creates a highly flexible and slenderizing material. If you’re bothered by thin leggings that are practically see-through, our high-quality leggings offer full coverage without being too thick or warm.Shop now!


Built-in Pocket Holster.

Your safety is our greatest concern, so we’re the first ones on the market to feature a pocket holster in our concealed carry leggings that have a strong layer of TPE polymer sewn in to protect your built-in trigger guard. Shop now!


Tactica Breast Cancer Awareness.

In honor of women fighting breast cancer, we’ve vowed to donate 5% of all sales during the month of October to the National Cancer Institute. You can also enter our giveaway contest with a chance to win a free pink Tactica T-shirt and a surprise Goodie Basket!

For more details on how to enter, please click the link below.


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