Alchemy Custom Weaponry Offers Full Custom Build Projects


(Fort Wayne, IN) – Alchemy Custom Weaponry (ACW), maker of handcrafted 1911s designed by master gunsmith Rob Schauland, is offering full custom build projects in limited availability.
In a time where consumers are surrounded with off-the-shelf products, buyers must often settle for something “not terrible” rather than obtain “something great.” Alchemy Custom Weaponry stands out in their efforts to bring consumers a truly unique product that is always custom-built and hand made. When it comes to 1911s, Founder and Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland doesn’t believe in off-the-shelf. He is a true craftsman and he believes his customers deserve more. ACW’s currently available models—the Prime, Anomaly, Brimstone, and Classic Carry—are each custom designed and hand-crafted for discerning 1911 enthusiasts.
Still, Schauland felt the need to take his craft further. He has opened the opportunity for customers to talk with him, tell him about their dream 1911 and work to make that dream a reality. Schauland is ready to accept two or three independent commissions per year and realize these dreams. “Challenge us. Size. Caliber. Capacity. Features. Materials. Each gun will be a unique combination of engineering and art,” says Schauland. Every commission will deliver a unique full-out custom 1911 build. Wait times will vary from one to two years, depending on current projects and level of detail required.
The baseline price for an ACW custom 1911 build will be $7,000, with final cost dependent on the specifications agreed upon between the client and Schauland, who will personally handle every aspect of the project. Customers can fill out the form on the ACW website at Submissions should Include as much detail as possible so that Schauland can clearly envision the dream gun. The select few will be those custom builds that he finds uniquely interesting or that present a true challenge to produce. ACW will contact those whose requests are chosen.
Master gunsmith Rob Schauland is devoted to perfecting the craft of the 1911 pistol. The ACW 1911s are loaded with special features and custom designed enhancements. Schauland’s 30-year career focusing on the 1911 has resulted in fine-tuned gunsmithing skills, which are evident in the superb blending elements in his creations. He continues to offer elite features that take the 1911 platform to the next level.
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About Alchemy Custom Weaponry:

Rob Schauland, the founder and chief architect of Alchemy Custom Weaponry, is a world class gunsmith whose outstanding body of work and pedigree in the realm of handcrafted, custom firearms have earned him a devoted and loyal following.
One of the top 1911 experts in the field, his faithful yet innovative redesign and painstaking reproduction of the John Browning classic have resulted in a set of handmade, hand-fit guns that are every bit as precise and reliable as they are stunning.
A master of Old World Craftsmanship, Schauland’s artisanship is a prime example of American exceptionalism at its finest and is matched only by his superior work ethic, dedication to perfecting his craft, and adherence to uncompromising standards.
Alchemy Custom Weaponry is a division of Cabot Gun Co, LLC.


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