Falco Xplorer: persistent, multi-sensor strategic surveillance

Falco Xplorer is the largest drone aircraft Leonardo has ever produced.Flying for up to 24h with 350kg of payload, the aircraft is an affordable and potent option for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

Previous Falco variants have been chosen by the United Nations and Frontex, the European border and coastguard agency. The Falco Xplorer design draws on feedback from these and other Falco customers and can be procured as either an integrated platform or as a fully-managed information-superiority service, flown and operated by Leonardo.

Falco Xplorer has a powerful baseline equipment fit which includes the Company’s Gabbiano T-80 surveillance radar, LEOSS electro-optical turret, SAGE electronic intelligence system and an automatic identification system for maritime missions. With a satellite communication capability, it is capable of beyond-line-of-sight operations. An open system architecture means that third-party sensors can also be added if required.

Falco Xplorer is readily exportable around the world. It meets the criteria for MTCR class II and is not subject to ITAR restrictions.

Falco Xplorer in numbers:

– 350kg (770lb) payload capacity
– 24H endurance
– operating ceiling of 24,000ft
– 1.3 ton maximum take-off weight (MTOW)

The Falco Xplorer is designed in-house by Leonardo, from the aircraft to the sensor suite, mission system and ground control station. Contact our team in Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy, to find out out how your organisation could upgrade you intelligence-gathering operations with the Falco Xplorer.


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