HoVR 5-20×50 Available Now!

Looking to try a HORUS reticle?

Then the HoVR 5-20×50 First Focal Plane is the scope for you! Providing all the features you need to optimize the use of a HORUS reticle without paying for all the features you don’t.
It offers outstanding clarity, crispness, and color contrast at every magnification setting, offering excellent performance at both close and long ranges. It features side parallax adjustment, capped windage turret, and a zero set elevation turret which allows a quick return to your initial zero setting, regardless of how many elevation adjustments you’ve made.
The fast focus eyepiece makes for quick diopter setting and throw lever enables easy magnification adjustment without taking your eye out of the scope.
With the HoVR 5-20×50 accurate and long range shots have never been easier!


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