RAFAEL will present for the first time in DSEI Japan innovative combat-proven systems for hostile drone defense, land warfare and civilian communication recovery

November 11, 2019 – RAFAEL Advanced Defense systems Ltd. is proud to participate in DSEI Japan, taking place at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan, November 18-20, 2019.

Globally known for its ground-breaking development – the IRON DOME air defense system, RAFAEL is a global expert in the development of an array of solutions that provide effective and combat proven defense of the airspace from a variety of threats.

At DSEI Japan 2019, RAFAEL will exhibit the DRONE DOME, an operational, innovative system, providing  the most effective airspace defense against hostile and stray  drones. The system integrates detection, classification, identification, and neutralization capabilities, providing an end-to-end, mobile, quick response anti-UAV defense solution for sensitive sites and airspace.
DRONE DOME has already been chosen as an anti-drone defense system by a number of countries and has been offered to Japan as part of its preparations for the Olympic Games in 2020.

In addition, RAFAEL will exhibit a number of land systems as part of the military’s upgrade programs.

These include:

SAMSON Remotely-Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS), globally integrated on thousands of fielded ground and naval platforms and  a wide variety of main battle tanks, trucked and wheeled armored personnel carriers and marine craft. RAFAEL will also present the LAND SPOTTER, a vehicle-mounted passive electro-optical hostile fire detection and location solution.

One of RAFAEL’s other flagships is the SPIKE 5th Gen family of tactical, electro-optical, multi-platform precision weapon systems. SPIKE has been operational and combat-proven for over two decades. The SPIKE Family is in use today by 33 armies, navies, air forces and Special Forces around the world, with more than 5500  SPIKE missiles fired both in training and combat. These missiles include:

SPIKE NLOS (Non-Line Of Sight) – with a range of 30 km, SPIKE NLOS features pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The weapon system can be launched from land, air and naval platforms.

SPIKE ER2 (Extended Range) – 10-16 km a light Multi-purpose missile system for. The light weight of the SPIKE ER2 round (only 34 kg) enables mounting it on almost any light helicopters (such as Fennec AS550 scout, Bell 407, AW109 or the MD 530) as well as on heavier combat helicopters.

SPIKE LR (Long Range) – lightweight, man-portable missile systems. High hit probability against stationary and moving targets.

Also on display is RAFAEL’S highly advanced, patented communication system named BNET, a globally field-proven Broadband IP Software Defined Radio solution for tactical operations on both Air and Land platforms, addressing the challenges of the modern battlefield as well as to address civilian communication needs, such as critical infrastructure, electric networks and more.

The BNET is enhanced with a Patented technology – Multi-frequency Channel Reception (MCR), which enables it to receive and analyse information from hundreds of frequency channels, simultaneously, using a single RF head. This enables a network rate of 100Mbps, while facilitating the formation of a single “flat” network, scaling up to thousands of radios.

Established over 70 years ago, RAFAEL is one of Israel’s top 3 defense companies,  providing a wide range of advanced  systems for air, land, sea, cyber and space applications.

Come visit us at stand A850.

To book a meeting, please contact Mr. Ishai David at ishaid@rafael.co.il

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