Get torqued for the holidays !

Fix It Sticks are perfect any for gift guide or product roundup!

Chicago, IL- Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearm maintenance tools and torque limiters has fantastic gift items for anyone who loves the outdoors. With a wide variety of options and price points available there’s something perfect for any gift guide or gear round up.  Check out some of the great suggestions below.


New All-In-One Torque Driver, Kit ($112 msrp) and Individual Driver ($60 msrp)
Available in a complete kit or individually, the newly introduced All-In-One provides six torque values most commonly used by expert and professional shooters in one compact driver.
Using the All-In-One is quick and easy because there are no settings to adjust or hassle with before use.  Simply install any ¼” bit or socket as needed and tighten the fastener until the proper torque is achieved.  A precise, graduated torque scale is laser etched on the side to indicate the torque value as it is applied.  The settings marked on the side are 15in/lb, 25in/lb, 35in/lb, 45in/lb, 55in/lb and 65in/lb.  The All-In-One can also be used to apply torque in between the specified settings by watching the in/lb. indicator as torque is being applied. 
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AR-15 Tool Kit With Soft Case:  MSRP $100
AR-15s are one of the most popular rifle platforms in this country, and any AR-15 owner would be delighted receive this as a gift.  Made to be field-portable yet fully capable, this tool kit has everything the needed for maintenance in the field and even on the bench. 
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Torque Limiters:  MSRP $40
Precision gear needs to be properly torqued for peak performance.  Whether it’s scope mounts, action screws or other equipment, Fix It Sticks preset torque limiters allow for tightening fasteners to the exact specifications as needed.  Available in ranges from 6in/lb to 70in/lb, the torque limiters work with the Fix It Stick system or an 1/4″ hex driver. 
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Firearm Accessory Bits:  MSRP – $10 to $35
Fix It Sticks has accessory bits that are useful and appreciated!  The Glock tool kit is perfect for anyone who has the ubiquitous polymer pistol.  The magnetic patch keep bits and fasteners from getting lost in the field.  For the venerable 1911 a bushing wrench is available and there is even a Mini Pry Bar for the Fix It Sticks system. 
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Fix It Sticks has something for everyone this holiday season.  Images and information are available for your gift guide projects.  For more information please contact:

About Fix It Sticks:  Fix It Sticks is a highly modular multi-tool system featuring a variety of specialty tools and torque limiters, along with standard 1/4″ bits, to keep your gear running at the range and in the field.  Unlike other multi-tools out there, which compromise function for portability, Fix It Sticks uses a T-handle concept to give you the best of both worlds: shop level function, paired with light weight and portability.

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