Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap: Precision Shooting, Even on Your Feet


(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Precision shooters understand the importance of stillness just before the high-velocity storm. Some, like the two Dallas SWAT officers who brought the world Kopfjäger, understood this truth (and potential consequences) more than most. While this was the great motivator behind Reaper rest systems, the addition of a Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap leaves little more than a heartbeat to deal with.

Much like loading a bipod, the Kopfjäger K.I.L. Strap is specifically designed to anchor your tripod to the ground and enhance your supported position, even through recoil impulse, for next-level precision shooting stability without getting dirty.

The K.I.L. Strap dramatically improves shooting stability, even under stress, by introducing loaded counter-tension simply by connecting the strap to your forward sling position and tripod and then anchoring the strap with your foot. The K.I.L. Strap is easily adjustable at both the adjustment buckle and by repositioning your foot.

While this versatile strap was designed with Kopfjäger tripod-mounted Reaper rest systems in mind, it is compatible with virtually any tripod and two-point sling. Although Kopfjäger’s K.I.L. Strap is large enough to help a sasquatch get on target, it’s also flexible, compact and light enough (at just 0.35 lbs.) to stuff in a cargo pocket.

Dealers interested in learning more about Kopfjäger products should emailsales@Kopfjagerindustries.com. For more information visit www.kopfjagerindustries.com

About Kopfjäger

Founded in 2012, Kopfjäger Industries’ focus began with a “deer blind rifle rest.” Scores of drawings, prototypes and patents ultimately led the company into the uncharted territory of tripod mounted gun rests, beginning with the Reaper Rest in 2014. Soon after, in 2015, Kopfjäger unveiled the Reaper Grip. Beginning in 2016, the Reaper Grip paved Kopjäger’s way to the top of multipurpose gun rest innovation. Since then, Kopjäger’s growth has positioned the company as the clear industry leader in mission-oriented gun rests for elite military units, competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts.

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