Introducing the Kopfjäger Leveling Head


(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) -Take your shot with precision using Kopfjäger’s operator-designed Leveling Head Accessory. This purpose-driven accessory is perfect for LEO, military operators, hunters and long-range precision shooters.

Free up your hands by simply threading your action camera onto Kopfjäger’s Reaper Rig or tripod to record your action-packed adventure. The Leveling Head accessory allows you to co-witness a camera or spotting scope with your rifle by simply threading it to a tripod or onto Kopfjäger’s Reaper Rig system, helping reduce recoil movement.

The Leveling Head’s quick-detach, spherical system helps you to make quick and easy +/- 15° angle adjustments. This accessory features a bubble level allowing you to accurately level your products and can also be threaded with spotting scopes and other cameras.

Dealers interested in learning more about Kopfjäger products should email sales@Kopfjä

About Kopfjäger

Founded in 2012, Kopfjäger Industries’ focus began with a “deer blind rifle rest.” Scores of drawings, prototypes and patents ultimately led the company into the uncharted territory of tripod mounted gun rests, beginning with the Reaper Rest in 2014. Soon after, in 2015, Kopfjäger unveiled the Reaper Grip. Beginning in 2016, the Reaper Grip paved Kopjäger’s way to the top of multipurpose gun rest innovation. Since then, Kopjäger’s growth has positioned the company as the clear industry leader in mission-oriented gun rests for elite military units, competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts.

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