MILIPOL 2019 – Aimpoint Announces CompM5B

Malmö, Sweden – November 19, 2019.
Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in reflex sighting technology presents a new sight model in the CompM5 series – the Aimpoint® CompM5b. This new red dot sight allows the hunter, sport shooter or professional user to quickly adjust the position of the reticle to compensate for ballistic drop for the distance to the target. The CompM5b™ comes with interchangeable turrets adapted for different calibers of ammunition at different target distances. It also offers wind or lead compensation adjustment, and adjustment caps can be tailor-made  to meet requirements.
The CompM5b has been developed with ease-of use and reliability at its core to adapt to the various ranging situations the user may face. This sight allows the user to switch quickly from one ammunition type to another or to switch from longer distance to shorter distance shooting without having to compensate ballistic drop or having to re-zero the sight. The reticle will be adjusted automatically in the sight when adjusting the ranging turrets. Just like the other red dot sights in the CompM5 family, the CompM5b is a high-performance red dot sight developed to withstand extremely tough handling and environmental situations without adding much weight to the user’s equipment.
The CompM5 family of sights takes its place as the most compact optic in the Aimpoint® Comp™ Series. The compact size of the CompM5 series comprises a single AAA battery. These small and lightweight batteries are inexpensive and easy to find almost anywhere in the world. Readily available alkaline versions of the AAA simplify logistics and eliminate the potential shipping hazards inherent in lithium batteries. Like the other CompM Series sights, the CompM5s boasts an extremely long battery life – with over 5 years of constant-on use at intensity level seven.
The CompM5b is fully submersible up to 45 meters (150 feet) and is compatible with all generations of Night Vision Devices, as well as Aimpoint’s magnifier line. A high-grade optical lens system gives the CompM5b exceptional light transmission and dot clarity, making the sight operationally parallax free, and providing a crisp, clear dot even under magnification.
“The CompM5b is a perfect tool for hunters, sport shooters and professional users who need to adapt quickly and precisely to new shooting situations, says Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB, and continues: “This ability to quickly compensate for changes in ammunition type, range to target, and wind conditions eliminates a lot of estimating on the part of the user”.
Aimpoint produces a complete line of high-quality reflex sights for demanding users worldwide. The company also produces electronic fire control systems for use on crew-served military weapons. For more information on the CompM5b or other Aimpoint products, please visit the company’s webpage:
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