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Thanksgiving is over and we’re in the final countdown to Christmas. Have a Holiday Gift List article to write and need a cool product to recommend? Or perhaps you need to do some holiday shopping yourself? Well, LBM has you covered. Check out these favorite items from our clients that will be sure to be big hits this holiday season whether they turn up under the tree or in a stocking.

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Big Horn Armory

For the hunter looking for serious stopping power or the AR enthusiast in your life, look no further than the AR500 semi-auto rifle. Chambered in the 500 Auto Max cartridge, it is the most powerful short range semi-auto in the world. Based on an AR 308 platform, it is capable of putting 50 BMG power on target with three trigger pulls with very reliable extraction. The 500 Auto Max is a rimless 500 S&W Magnum. A very versatile cartridge, it can handle anything from prairie dogs to pachyderms to Peterbilts. Truck stopping power in a platform weighing less than 10 pounds.

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Cimarron Firearms

Celebrate the holidays with a nod and salute to the brave men who kept law and order in the great state of Texas, the Texas Rangers, with one of a very special run of Walker revolvers, duplicating the exact total production of 1100 originals. Manufactured in 1846 by Samuel Colt, the Cimarron replica is as exact as possible to the original and has been aged to look as much. They are produced in groups exactly like the originals and marked with company and issue numbers just as the originals were. Each Walker’s Walker is available individually or cased in an attractive glass topped American walnut presentation case with flask and nipple wrench and also includes a limited edition, high quality print of the 1847 Walker schematic.

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EAA Girsan 1911 Models Overview and Test Firing


EAA Corp.

Love a 1911 in the Officer carry size?EAA’s Girsan-made MC1911SC ULTIMATE is the perfect concealed carry to hide in your stocking! Available in 9mm and .45 ACP it features exclusive G10 grips with a visual capacity window and custom texturing, a cone barrel/slide lockup on a fully melded frame and slide for a snag-free carry. Optics are optional. The MC1911SC has a fast, smooth trigger with a crisp break, an extended beavertail safety (no hammer bite!), an enlarged grip safety and a limited lifetime warranty.

Starting at $723.00   Buy Here

Lyman Products

Give the gift that keeps on giving all year long with the Pachmayr Shock Shield Gel FIlled Slip-On Recoil Pad. It’s the simple solution to reducing recoil in a variety of rifles and shotguns. No need for different size pads, as its one size design stretches and contours to a variety of stock shapes and dimensions. Filled with a pocket of soft gel, felt recoil is greatly reduced. Easy on and easy off. Simply stretch it over the butt of your firearm. Keep one in your range bag so you always have it handy!

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MasterPiece Arms

Get your favorite Precision Rifle Series or National Rifle League competitor the most revolutionary chassis ever produced, the MPA Matrix Chassis from the 2019 PRS Official Chassis Producer, MasterPiece Arms. With the multitude of configurations in grips, thumb rests and trigger finger supports, the primary interface between the shooter and the rifle (the grip) has over 100 different options. The location of the shooters hand, closer to the bore of the rifle, provides even more variation in how the shooter can set up this chassis.

Starting at $1,250   Buy Here

Morphix Technologies

An ideal gift for that family member who serves in law enforcement, intelligence or the military, Morphix Technologies’ TraceX Explosive Detection Kit is rugged, reliable, low-cost and easy to use. The TraceX Explosives Detection Kit is designed to help identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities. It detects the most common explosive materials and their precursors at trace levels in a single test. Protect your loved ones with the kit that will protect them.

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Shell Shock Technologies

Get your favorite reloader this Christmas something truly innovative: the best in class Shell Shock Technologies’ NAS3 two-piece 9mm shell cases. Engineered for the future, these cases are 50 percent lighter and two times stronger than brass and outperforms nickel-plated brass on every level. They will not abrade, clog, foul, wear out or damage breach or ejector mechanisms. These reloadable cases eject cool to the touch and are magnetic, making range clean up (indoors or outdoors) a virtual breeze!

Starting at $60   Buy Here


Tasmanian Tiger USA

Kit up your student, bestie or significant other with the TT TAC Pack 22, a slender day backpack with a front pocket for a variety of uses. This new pack is part of Tasmanian Tiger’s new civilian line that is notable for its reduced military features, but is super durable and rugged. It has a padded back carrying system and height adjustable chest belt and detachable hip flaps. Compression straps on the side allow a custom fit. The side pockets are made from an elastic material to flex with whatever you are carrying and a zip up front pocket also has an elastic insert. There are two single loop laser cut MOLLE strips on the front for the addition of pouches our accessories.

Now only $139.00   Buy Here

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