Who is Team POI ?

Team POI, who are we?

Our Story

Team POI was started because we saw a huge void in the outdoor and firearms markets. Some of the companies honestly had no idea who they were marketing to or how the products even work. We come from years of knowledge outdoors, including hunting here in Utah, competitive shooting, and ballistics testing. We want to be a source of knowledge and understanding, not a sales force. Giving you the information and letting you make decisions is what we prefer, and I’m sure you like this approach as well.
We are always here to answer any direct questions or respond to concerns. If there is something special you want to see or get a special on please let us know-
team@teampoi.com and we will do our best to help out.
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Our Clients

Our clients represent some of the biggest names in the firearms industry. The ability for us to market a large group of great companies allows us to offer discounts and promotions others cant. We will be posting monthly specials, deals, and releases from certain clients every month. Ensure you stay connected to see these!


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Our Team- The team is comprised of several different demographics. From Hunters to anglers and shooters. We have the outdoor industry surrounded! Click below to meet the main 3 and see what they bring to the table!

Meet the Team

MPA is pleased to expand our product offering for Barreled Actions.

The configuration will include Curtis Axiom Action with an MPA Handlapped Hand Chambered Match Grade Barrel. These can be provided with or without Triggers, in either a polished or black cerakote finish. We typically keep these in stock.

We keep these in stock in the following calibers, barrel lengths, and contour:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 6mm Creedmoor
  • 308 Winchester
  • 6.5 PRC
  • 223 Wylde
  • Length: 26″
  • Contour: M24

If you want a different barrel length and/or profile, Please contact al@masterpiecearms.com and let us know what you want.

We can also add any trigger to these barreled actions.

Contact MPA with any questions.

Buy Now

We would like to do a monthly giveaway as well. If you want to be entered to win the prize, email ” I want in” to the link below and we will pick one winner each month. If we get enough we will keep doing it and getting better prizes for it!
This months will include-
1- Drago Backpack
Misc Stickers
1- Vortex small range flag
1 Dog Valley Precision T-shirt
1- Neoprene scope cover from Phone Skope
Good Luck!

Enter the giveaway!

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