KROLL International Moves into its New World Headquarters


SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN Kroll International, the tactical industry’s leading wholesaler, has moved to its new World Headquarters at 51819 Danview Technology Court, just a few doors down from Kroll’s previous location. After a year of planning, designing, zoning issues, building inspections, 19 miles of cabling, and biblical rains, the team at Kroll has finally settled in.

While many of our competitors are struggling with the challenges of today’s dynamic marketplace, Kroll is growing bigger, stronger and more competitive. Our new facility includes many upgrades, making Kroll more efficient and responsive to competitive market forces. The new facility was set-up to maximize product flow, with product coming in the back, and shipping out the front.

Kroll has invested in technological upgrades, including an automated shipping machine, moving conveyors, and revamped picking zones. The warehouse is set up for future conveyor for full automation, as well as a planned mezzanine that will double storage capacity and production. As with any successful company, Kroll’s biggest asset is its staff, so the new space is geared towards them: it’s more ergonomic and has more safety features. Going forward, Kroll will process more inbound and outbound product than ever before, to take care of their hard-working dealer network.

About KROLL International, LLC:

KROLL International, LLC has been the leading wholesale-only distributor of Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Military, Homeland Security and Shooting Sports products for over 35 years. KROLL offers its dealers more than 160,000 products from over 170 of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. Our goal is to be a value-added partner to our dealers by offering world class product lines.

KROLL International

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