A clean shaven Paul Levy kicks off this week’s new product highlights with something that’ll make handgun connoisseurs salivate: the revived SIG Sauer P210. The original P210 was a classic, both as a won’t-let-you-down duty pistol and a target gun, and the new edition replicates its fit, finish, and solid, “all of a piece” feel. And that light, crisp, single-stage, single action trigger! There are some updates: 3-dot sights, satin Nitride finish, American-style mag release, but the grips are still wood. Available in Standard and Target models, the new SIG P210 is everything a great pistol ought to be.

Next, Paul offers us a piece of the action – Bergara barreled actions, in several chamberings, that is. These precisely fitted bolt actions are compatible with Remington 700 parts, components, stocks, and chassis, so your customizing options are pretty much unlimited.

Last, a CMMG Banshee AR-15 pistol chambered in FN 5.7×28 that uses FN Five-seveN pistol magazines (other chamberings available). With a bunch of sweet features, including an SB Tactical stabilizing Brace, this NOT just another AR-15 pistol!

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