SIRT 20 is here to welcome in 2020




The SIRT 20 and SIRT 20C are here. These new SIRTs have the functional features of the SIG P320 and P320 Carry so you can get all the training you want on a platform you are familiar with. SIRT 20 quantities are limited.

SIRT is the the easiest way to get more training in 2020. Improve your pistolcraft with quick drills at your convenience. You are guaranteed to train more often when you can do it at your convenience and in your own home. Whether your have a SIRT or not, check out our drills on both of our websites.

Learn more about SIRT 20/20C

Holiday Bundle

NextLevel Training

Don’t let your training lapse this year. Whenever you need some motivation, go to our website and click on Training Materials in the top bar. NextLevel Training

Holiday Bundle

SIRT Living

Comprehensive training courses are sure to keep you engaged. Work your way up from fundamentals to scenario based training. SIRTLiving

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