The new Hercules 10 v1.7 is here.

Introduces the new

Discover the new Hercules 10 v1.7

Our Hercules 10 is getting new features that make it more reliable and compact. 

  • New flight controller CUBE – Pixhawk 2.1 with 3 IMU for improved redundancy and reliability.
  • Ultra compact: fully removable arms.
  • 2km transmission (in the standard version).
  • Increased payload capacity up to 7,5 kg (16.5lbs).
  • New motors for a longer flight time and service life (60 000 hours).



Hercules 10 v1.7 with Pensar camera.

           Hercules 10 v1.7   Spray autonomous               Hercules 10 v1.7 Spray




  • Energy: High voltage power lines inspection and stringing.
  • Construction: Heat losses and leaks inspection, roof and surface cleaning.
  • Security & Surveillance: Search & rescue missions, situational awareness.
  • Agriculture: Crop spraying.
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