TORRENT LOADING SYSTEMS: RLS-1 Secondary Weapon Loading System

Shot Show is a difficult to describe global event. The innovation, ingenuity and product diversity presented is hard to capture in words, it must be seen to be believed and you have to experience it. There’s a veritable cornucopia of new product offerings, some are fluff but others fit real needs in the commercial and/or tactical space. Torrent Loading Systems designs and markets a one handed (ambidextrous) operation, rapid reloading system for magazine fed secondary weapons. How useful is it?

Imagine being tasked to perform a maritime assault and climbing a Jacobs ladder to get over a vessel’s topsides while taking opposing fire. You return fire with your sidearm but need to reload. This is a very real situation but just one of several that could prove problematic for operators, military and law enforcement. To address that need, Torrent Loading Systems designed the RLS-1 solving the requirement for a rapid and reliable one-handed pistol reload.

The RLS-1 is a belt mounted accessory who’s function is to hold up to 3 pistol magazines automatically feeding them to perform one hand pistol reloads. The operator drops a spent magazine and using the shooting hand engages the pistol’s empty magazine well with the RLS-1


Torrent Loading Systems currently supports all magazine types except for FN. Magazines to be used with the RLS-1 system are retrofitted with a proprietary base plate which ensures the RLS-1 securely engages the magazine.  Loading and operating the RLS-1 is intuitive but requires an acclimation period. The RLS-1 fail-safe system allows users to manually feed/remove magazines if the RLS-1 becomes inoperable. 

In the video below, Bradley Brown, Director of Design and Manufacturing demonstrates the RLS-1

If your agency or department conducts tactical operations, I encourage you to contact Torrent Loading Systems and take the RLS-1 for a test drive.


  • Paul J. Shaskan, Director of Operations, (800) 765-4027 Ext 101
  • George Barry Lake, SOCM/USN (SEAL) Ret., Director of Research and Development / Military Liaison, (800) 765-4027 Ext 301


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