A Mantis for $99?

Our vision has always been to provide data-driven training feedback to every firearm owner.  Today, we take another step in that direction with the all-new Mantis X2.
We designed the original MantisX to withstand all sorts of beatings through live fire, and a whole lot more.  You can see that
torture test here.  In order to work in live fire, a bunch of engineering whiz-bangery had to happen, and, well, that increases the cost.  Worth every penny?  Yes.  But for some newer shooters that don’t understand the value of training, cost is still an issue.
So we engineered from the ground up a dry-fire-only version of the incredible MantisX.  And behold,
the Mantis X2.  All the analytics and diagnostics available in the X and X3, but only works with dry fire practice.  For $99.  Yeah, it’s a no-brainer.
Here’s the first review of the Mantis X2 from Guns, Holsters, & Gear.  Worth a read.  He encapsulates it simply:  “The Mantis X2 is a fantastic dry fire training partner.”  Dry fire works, and it works better when paired with a Mantis so you get actual feedback on your shooting.
All of our products help shooters improve more rapidly.
Learn about all the new MantisX models here, then take your pick.

Train on,
Team Mantis

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