California-Compliant Brownells Retro Rifles™


Paul Levy of the Brownells new product team has good news for our friends in California. He’s announcing the release of “CA Compliant” versions of Retro Rifles™, the Brownells line of meticulously detailed replicas of early AR-15 and M16 variants. The big problem for AR-15 fans in California is detachable magazines being a big no-no – particularly if your rifle has certain items, such as a flash suppressor, threaded barrel, or pistol grip. The Brownells solution is adding the Battle Arms fixed magazine conversion, which makes the Retro Rifle™ California compliant AND does not mess up its authentic, period-correct exterior details. Paul demonstrates how the Battle Arms conversion works on a BRN-Proto™ rifle, which involves disassembling the rifle as expeditiously as possible while complying with the requirements of the California law. The four initial releases of CA-compliant Retro Rifles™ include the BRN-Proto™, BRN-10™, BRN-601™ (the “green furniture” rifle), and BRN-605™.

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