There are just five days left to comment on the FAA’s Remote ID NPRM

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If you are a drone pilot or operator you have just five day to tell the FAA how concerned you are about the Remote ID Regs. being proposed. For assistance in commenting on the proposed remote ID regulations click here.

As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts on this subject, there are a number of issues with the proposed regulations driving many industry leaders to express concerns. DJI, one such industry giant, has proposed a broadcast system to make available detailed drone information to the public and law enforcement. To address many of the issues, DJI has developed a software solution which the company calls Drone-to-Phone. The video below is a high level overview of the concept.


The app presents a map along with the current position of the drone, all of its identifying data, its track and the remote pilot’s location to anyone who has downloaded and installed the app on their smart device. This is a broadcast system, much like having a t.v. set and antenna, anyone can tune in and watch the broadcast.

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