It Was Bound to Happen: SKD COVID-19 Condoms

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COVID-19 is here. 
As we battle this PRC engineered bio-weapon with diligent hand-washing and social isolation, let’s not forget to protect our most vulnerable of physiological areas when tactically seeking carnal knowledge. 
The SKD COVID-19 Condom is scientifically engineered to prevent the infection of COVID-19 through your pee-pee hole (in either direction). 
Practice safe adult activities by using the SKD COVID-19 Condom while wearing N95 Respirators and Nitrile Gloves, and don’t forget to substitute your fave personal lubricant with Hand Sanitizer (70% Alcohol content or higher preferred)*. 
SKD COVID-19 Condoms are available individually for as low as $1.99 each.  These standard-sized latex condoms are lubricated and made to stringent FDA standards. 
Order your SKD COVID-19 Condoms NOW!


*Just kidding… Do not use Hand Sanitizer as personal lube.  

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