How’s it going guys? Hope you’ve all had a great week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend, if that is even remotely possible. If there was ever a time for a shoot the shit this is it. Have you tried buying toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer, LOL! What’s a shoot the shit say you?

A shoot the shit is a social interaction during which any topic can be discussed. The goal is to get participants to stop fingering their iPhone and clean themselves with Facebook and Twitter as toilet paper is unavailable. During a shoot the shit, the participants don’t need to know anything about the subject being discussed. They are free to make any unsupported statement, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject. The alternative is to pay a jackass who studied psychology, so they could understand themselves, $150 USD per hour to hear them tell you that you have a short penis complex. I’ll tell you how bad the situation is, consider the psychological conditioning imbedded in one of the Peloton ads. I’m referring to the ad that features two women with the following ad line: “…after a hard day, can you take a hard twenty…”. Now you are totally convinced that your manhood is lacking making their diagnosis correct. Remember that a psychologist is an individual who couldn’t pass the M.C.A.T. (Medical College Admissions Test).

Holy bat shit readers, can you believe what’s going on around this country of ours. Every “preper / survivalist” is hunkered-down in their bunker with 500 packages, of 24 count, of toilet paper expecting a “Red Dawn “ scenario for self actualization. Folks, the Coronavirus or COVID 19, is a respiratory virus, so unless you chowed down on a bad taco you won’t need that much toilet paper. Even if you shit yourself all over the kitchen floor do you need 100 rolls of super absorbent Bounty? When it comes to the Coronavirus it’s important to understand that the mortality rates of 2-4% is based on the best information available. Here’s what that means.

If you only know of 1000 people infected with the virus and 20 of those perish then we say its mortality rate is 2%, but in reality the actual number of those infected with the virus is much larger but are either asymptomatic or experiencing no more than flu symptoms, they have not been included in the calculation because we don’t know they exist. So, you are more likely to contract a case of the clap than be infected with Corona provided you use reasonable care. So why all the panic? Media hype aided by a group of politicians trying to instill fear in the population in order to undermine the President of the United States. So as they say in Hawaii, “TAKE IT EZ ALREADY EH YOU.”


I want you to think about this. China has as its strategic objective world dominance. They have a population of approximately 1.5 billion people, and they have an active chemical and biological weapons development program, they are accelerating expansion of their military and increasing space assets with a proposed colonization of the dark side of the moon. They want to replace the United States of America, so they will not hesitate to destroy our economy, just pay attention to what’s happening with our medical response to corona. They have used their huge market to lure American companies into the country. Part of that deal is the theft of technology. I know of companies who developed network routers and sent them out to China for manufacture. Five months later they saw the same router enter the U.S. market at 50% the price and under a different brand.They are also conducting industrial espionage using Chinese university students in US schools.

China has the capability to strike at the United States using cyber to disrupt all services including medical. They also have the capability to strike at the U.S. with biological weapons. If we respond with a nuclear strike and kill 300 million Chinese, the remaining 1.2 billion will have a better life. They can literally replace our entire population along with the EU’s.

As extreme as this sounds, and it is, as a country we need to have our eyes wide open and our heads out of our ass and fully oxygenated when it comes to dealing with the Chinese Communist Party at any level.

Having said that, shift those sweat pumps into low speed. Have a great weekend and relax, but if you wake with sniffles remember that it could be pollen.

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