NFA Processing and Coronavirus – What We Know

NFA Processing & Coronovirus




NFA Processing & Coronavirus

As you are well aware, the coronavirus is disrupting nearly every facet of society. This morning, ASA spoke with our contacts at ATF to get you theFACTS about the potential impact the coronavirus could have on NFA processing times.

Here is what we know:

  1. NFA Division is operating as normal.
  2. At this time, West Virginia (where the NFA Division is located) has no confirmed cases of coronavirus.
  3. NFA Division is assessing their current remote work operations. They are identifying which staff (examiners and contractors) will be able to work remote if necessary, and are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the transition to remote processing would be as seamless as possible.

Should remote work become necessary, NFA Division will do their best to minimize disruptions and continue processing transfers as accurately and efficiently as possible. For those of you who recall the government shutdown in early 2019, any coronavirus related disruptions will be far less impactful.

ASA commends ATF for being proactive in their approach to the coronavirus. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide relevant factual updates as they become available.


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