Firearms Unified

Many of you know me as an artist. Many of you know me from my marketing business. Many won’t know me at all. With the scene in America, it’s time I said something.

Let me preface this by making clear that I’m not saying to be unprepared. I was a Boy Scout — I’m always prepared. We should be prepared for the unpredictable— tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. We should be ready to take care of ourselves, our families and friends.

But last night, I saw someone in true fear from this “pandemic”. They were alone. I could see it in their face, their eyes. It was silent panic. They needed reassurance.

Enough is enough.

As you read this, you should know who’s reading this, too. This is going out to many tens of thousands including many members of the U.S. Government, tens of thousands of our nation’s Law Enforcement, news and media organizations, artists, businesses, charitable organizations, the “Left”, the “Right”, all races, all politics. Many Americans nationwide will be reading this concurrently.

What I want to say is this: For the amount of actual death that has occurred, this “pandemic” has been blown way out of proportion. The Mainstream Media is having a field day. There is much missing, omitted and even false information. This is a “created” hysteria. Any good or positive news is missing or even ignored. This is fearmongering on a whole new level. While we all should obviously take precautions and be prepared, I think we need a reminder.

Here is the truth — For those old enough to have lived through 9/11, this was not only an American tragedy but the entire world lived through it with us. This was a planetary wake-up call. In a single day, everything changed. Of course we all know many thousands of people died, a new war began, rights diminished. But what else happened?

Despite what news, TV or movies make people believe, in the aftermath of 9/11, it was not pandemonium. People did not turn into cannibals or kill their fellow man in desperation. In fact, it was the opposite. There was no Left or Right. No black or white. No Republicans or Democrats. Just people. Just Americans. Unknown citizens emerged as heroes. The world poured help into New York City. People pulled together.

I remember this very clearly and it showed me the truth. People are good. They are decent. They help each other. They care. They do not need to be “forced” to help — they will just help. People will rise up in difficult times and care for others. Despite a few bad seeds, the vast majority of people are good. In my lifetime, 9/11 was the best reminder of this truth.

Movies, TV, and much of modern media is entertainment. The division of the American people is a pretense, and the evidence is 9/11.

My message is to not forget who we are. We’re Americans. We will take care of each other. This is who we are and it is what we do. For sure we should be prepared. We should be vigilant. Everything is going to be okay. We should all relax a bit knowing this truth.

Owen York

Founder at Gun Industry Marketplace & Fine Artist, Owen York Studios

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