ASP business operations update (Coronavirus)

Coronavirus Update

We want to keep our colleagues, employees, suppliers and customers—especially the all-important law enforcement officers and agencies we serve—regularly updated on the status of our business operations during this international crisis. As of this post (17 March):

Shipping: We are in a good inventory position, with minimal manufacturing/supply disruptions, and are continuing to ship orders with few if any delays. Of course, this is a very fluid situation and may change based on demand or changing events, but at this point it is business as usual in terms of our ability to supply. We recognize—and take very seriously—the role we play in making sure that public safety professionals have the equipment they need to safely perform their duties, and are doing everything we can to ensure that they do.
Staffing: As important as our obligation is to our customers, of course we must also look after the health and safety of our employees. We are implementing a carefully-designed, strategic staffing plan that balances the need to maintain business operations with the need for safe interpersonal separation. Through a combination of shift structuring, physical space planning, remote work and other options at our disposal, we are confident that we can manage both our responsibility to emergency service workers and our responsibility to our own people and those around them. It is also our intention to ensure continuity of income to our employees regardless of modifications to business schedules or hours worked.
Customer support: Whether in the office or working remotely, we are here to support our Dealers, Distributors, agencies, officers and others in need of our help. Though we will have people answering phone calls, we recommend and request that customers reach us by email whenever possible. Specific contact notes:

  • For general inquiries and service, please write to and your message will be relayed to the right individual. We anticipate being able to maintain our usual high standards of responsiveness, but appreciate your patience in the event of any unexpected delays in communication.
  • Dealers and Distributors should contact their dedicated ASP Sales Director whenever possible.
  • For important business meetings, we are ready and able to host telephone or video conferences on a variety of platforms.
  • Remember that provides a wealth of information, from product specifications to sell sheets to instructional videos.

Training and travel: Early in this crisis, we began canceling or postponing all offsite meetings and training (ASP Instructor Certification, ASP Trainer Certification) programs. Currently all are postponed through August, and we are continuously monitoring and reviewing the situation. We know that officers and agencies want and need the training we provide, but clearly this was the right decision. We have also instituted a no-travel policy for all of our employees. We very much look forward to being able to start rescheduling our training programs and our in-person business meetings as soon as it is safe to do so.
In short, to the extent that we can foresee it, ASP is equipped and prepared for continuity of operations through this difficult period. We will continue to keep you updated as appropriate, and hope you will all stay healthy and safe.
ASP, Inc.

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