Desert Tech has the ammunition you want

With demand for ammunition going up, we wanted to remind our customers that Desert Tech Munitions continues to manufacture quality ammunition at our own facility. If you are in the market for ammo, check our website for what you are looking for. Or you can call our sales department to make an order.

We have our most popular products available now

  • DTM 223Rem 55 Grain
  • DTM 6.5CM 140 Grain
  • DTM 308Win 175 Grain
  • DTM 408CT 400 Grain
  • DTM 338LM 300 Grain

Limited quantities, order while supplies last

Order Here

223 Unprimed Brass (500 ct)

MSRP: $135.00

Brand new manufacture brass for handloading, large quantities are welcome. Contact or (801)975-7272 to make an order .

Visit to find out more, make an order, or get your questions answered. You can also contact your Desert Tech Dealer for more info.

Desert Tech | 801.975.7272 |  |

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