The Mantis Quarantine Competition!

Social isolation sucks.  Let’s make it better.
How? The Mantis Quarantine Competition.
Hone your marksmanship skills, compete for prizes, beat isolation.  Win-win-win.
How?  We’re running a series of 3-day contests.  Each contest is different.
Contest #1 details:
1) Score a 95 average on the Mantis Benchmark Drill (10 shots).
2) Post a screenshot from your app history as proof.  Do this on our
Instagram/Facebook pages (where we have details of the contest).  Get 1 entry.  If you post on your own social media page and tag us, you get 2 entries.
3) We’ll draw 3 random winners from those that succeeded in the challenge.  Winner will get their choice of a) a package of deluxe toilet paper, b) a bottle of hand sanitizer, or c) a new (kind of) secret Mantis product launching in June.
Note: all of our products help shooters improve more rapidly.
Learn about all the new MantisX models here, then take your pick.
Train on,
Team Mantis

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