The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself and Jackasses

Sorry for the motivational headline, I hope Franklin D. Roosevelt won’t mind my using it. For those who had to study through school rather than fingering their iPhone, this is what FDR had to say: “This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself …” Thank God it’s Friday and what a week guys, I know that many of you are feeling stressed out. Part of the problem is the information overload amplified by a media that’s hoping COVID-19 kicks off a zombie apocalypse so that Donal Trump is not reelected. I can understand why you may want to sit with a psychologist but that individual could very well be the reason for the toilet paper shortage.Why would you pay $150 per hour to someone who majored in psychology because they couldn’t pass the Medical College Admissions Test (M.C.A.T.) or needed to understand themselves. What’s the solution? Have a shoot the shit and follow the very simple Center for Disease Control directives; they are, wash your hands regularly, limit social contact, wipe counter tops, door handles and door knob or any surfaces that you touch, disregard flamboyant speeches from politicians and chill out. So let’s shoot the shit!

First, there is no reason to hoard food. There is no shortage of food. Even if you are directed to stay at home, you will be allowed to get sunlight and procure food. FACT!


Empty store shelves are self-inflicted, there is no logic or rational thought process that leads to this situation.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see an increasing number of COVID-19 infections this is not an indication that the virus is spreading, the numbers are rising because we now have the ability to test more people. So how do you insulate yourself and your family from this? Simple, follow the CDC directives and in the absence of toilet tissue wipe your ass with the crap you get from the media. Don’t let the hype get your sweat pumps shift into high speed. Having said that don’t take this situation lightly either. And, for God’s sake don’t listen to NYC’s ambulatory jackass De Blasio, I’ll guarantee you that Gov. Cuomo is privately calling De Blasio a stunato (an adjective derived from music meaning tone deaf but in the vernacular it means you’re stupid and out of touch).

Also note that the media is throwing around charts, comparative analytics, some of it based on what the Chinese are reporting, most of which is irrelevant, don’t let it overload your brain. Fox news for example, said that China’s population is 1.2 billion; however, based on the CIA’s fact book China’s population is 1,394,015,977 (July 2020 est.) how’s that for lackluster research. My point in telling you this is to get you to calm down and focus only on what the CDC is asking you to do, all else is background noise.

Your also hearing details of promising medications, here I have to complement President Trump and his administration in reinforcing that there is no data to support the alleged efficacy of the malaria treatment drug hydroxychloroquine and the blood pressure drug losartan. The COVID-19 virus is a single strand rna virus and it needs a host cell to replicate. It replicates by taking over the cell’s rna production process which is typically mitochondrial. These drugs don’t “kill” COVID-19 but they inhibit the viruses ability to control the host cell’s rna producing process and replicate. What is being suggested is to reinforce hydroxychloroquine with an antibiotic because it suppresses the immune system so you don’t want exposure to opportunistic diseases. Vaccines are the preferred route.

giphyOn the issue of toilet paper, WHAT GIVES FOLKS! COVID-19 is a respiratory pathogen, hoarding toilet paper only works if your head is in rectal storage. Who needs 10 packs of 24 rolls of Charming? I mean think about it people!

Readers, your adherence to the CDC guidelines will expedite a resolution to the COVID-19 problem and protect those with compromised immune systems like our elderly population, remember that they are someone’s grandma or grandpa and need your support. Stress levels will also take a toll on people so help someone relax even if you need to talk to them through a door, at a distance or by phone. They need the emotional support lest we see a surge in suicides, which is quite likely, especially if you have to sit through a De Blasio meeting.

The last thing I’d like to convey has to do with the increasing number of scams in difficult times such as these . If you get an email from a financial institution with a link pointing you to a site do not click on the link. Instead go directly to the institution’s web site. If you get an email from someone you know with a link pointing you to a site, do not click on the link, instead confirm its authenticity with your friend or acquaintance. The planet is full of miscreants, be suspicious of anyone offering to sell something others do not have available. Also, be on the lookout for individuals claiming to be tracking scammers, they’ll ask you to subscribe and provide financial support. The reality is that they couldn’t track their way out of a pay toilet.

Chill out folks, people are hard at work on your behalf and the country’s wellbeing. Have a calm and relaxing weekend, schedule your own shoot the shit even if you have it via Skype or a conference bridge.

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