2nd Notice Re: Hartley Class Action Resolution; P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program

Dear Valued Customers,

Below, please find information that is being forwarded again as part of the recent Hartley Agreement regarding Sig Sauer’s P320 upgrade program, which is available to all P320 pistol owners.  The below notice has been approved by the court as part of the resolution of a class action lawsuit.

This upgrade program has been available to all P320 owners since August 2017, and it remains available to all P320 owners who purchased their pistols before that date. The upgrade program is completely free of charge to all customers; SIG SAUER is even covering the cost of shipping and returning your P320 pistol to you!

Based on its own internal testing and input from various law enforcement, government and military customers, SIG SAUER modified the design of its P320 pistol to improve its safety, reliability and overall performance.  Specifically, the upgraded P320 has lighter internal components, including a new thinner-profile trigger and a lighter sear and striker.  These upgrades will enhance the protection against unintended discharges if the pistol is dropped.  Any unintended discharge, including a discharge from a dropped firearm, includes a risk of death or serious bodily injury to all those in the vicinity of the firearm.

Additionally, the upgraded P320 pistol includes a mechanical disconnector which provides an additional layer of protection against cartridge failure events.  A cartridge failure event can pose a risk of injury to the shooter or those in the immediate vicinity and can also cause damage to the firearm itself.  The addition of a mechanical disconnector also prevents a dead trigger if the trigger is pulled while the slide is retracted.

SIG SAUER is reaching out to remind P320 owners of this free upgrade program and to encourage all P320 owners who have not yet participated to take advantage of this program. Since SIG SAUER started the upgrade program, over a hundred thousand P320s have been upgraded. Customers that have taken advantage of the program have been extremely pleased with the enhanced performance, reliability and safety, and have appreciated the ease and turnaround time of this upgrade process.

SIG SAUER encourages all P320 owners whose pistols do not include the upgraded design to participate in the free upgrade program. For more information on the upgrade or how to participate in the program, please visit SIG SAUER’s website at https://www.sigsauer.com/support/p320-voluntary-upgrade/.

If you have additional questions or need help with the online registration please contact SIG SAUER Customer Service at (603) 610-3000 and select Option 1, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. EST.

Thank you for being a loyal SIG SAUER customer.


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