Is Open – COVID-19 Statement

To our valued customers,

Sorry to inundate you with yet another COVID-19 corporate e-mail, however due to the volume of questions about TNVC, INC.’s continued operations, we felt it necessary to make a statement regarding our operations during these unprecedented times.

BLUF: Tactical Night Vision Company will continue to be open during our normal business hours for the foreseeable future for both government and commercial sales and normal operations.

However, due to both unusually high volumes and current events nationwide and worldwide, please understand that it may take our staff longer than normal to respond to inquiries. Moreover, it is difficult to accurately predict exact lead times and delivery dates, and all quoted timelines are estimates only.

TNVC has never operated a public storefront, and our offices continue to be open to government personnel by appointment-only. Our normal tech support and customer service phone lines are continuing to operate, and ask that all commercial orders be placed through our website:

As a part of the Defense Industrial Base, identified as a Federal Critical Infrastructure Sector, TNVC, INC. is continuing to operate throughout this time, albeit at reduced in-person staffing levels at our main California HQ office. We have been fortunate during these current events that many of our employees already operate from remote offices located nationwide, limiting the severity of the disruptions to our operations, and our shipping and receiving, and build and assembly operations remain intact and operational.

Our Training and Education Team has halted all unnecessary travel and movements, and we will continue to assess and evaluate courses of action for our Night Fighter training classes and other events scheduled throughout the year as the situation develops. The Training and Education Team is currently evaluating additional efforts to continue our core mission of educating end-users and consumers under this new paradigm.

Due to the present unfortunate circumstances, we, like many other commercial vendors are experiencing unusually high volume and limited remaining stock and inventory at this time, however we are continuing to receive new shipments of inventory, restocking backordered items, and continuing to ship both government and commercial orders daily. We are adjusting some of our administrative procedures and we have brought on additional remote staff to augment our staff and accommodate the increased number of inquiries that we have been receiving. Nevertheless, please bear with us as we try to be as responsive as possible, and understand that there may be delays, however we will try to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

TNVC is a small, Veteran-Owned, and family-oriented company, and we have been doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and our customers, and I have personally spoken to every single one of our employees to ensure that they are all comfortable with the measures and courses of action we are taking. I am happy to say that our staff is dedicated and motivated to continuing our ongoing operations, even while they take all necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and their families during this time. I am truly fortunate to have our team and TNVC family as we all venture into uncharted waters together.

Thank you for your continued business, and all the best from the TNVC Family to you and yours during these trying times,

Victor DiCosola


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