Innovative Forensic DNA, an Investigative Genetic Genealogy Firm, Signs Laura Burgess Marketing for Public Relations

The Virginia-based company serves the law enforcement community and criminal investigators with collaborative genealogy services from case onset to resolution.

Emporia, VA (April 2020)Innovative Forensic DNA LLC announced it has signed Laura Burgess Marketing to provide public and media relation services in the law enforcement community.

Innovative Forensic DNA launched their investigative genetics genealogy firm in Dec. 2019. Team members, of whom many are licensed private investigators come from law enforcement, legal, victim advocacy, and investigative genetic genealogy backgrounds. The services include investigations in violent crimes and cold cases; missing persons and living identification; unidentified decedent and investigative genetic genealogy presentations and trainings.

Innovative Forensic DNA sought a partnership with a public relations agency familiar with the law enforcement and investigative community and signed Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) as of April 2020. LBM will focus on providing law enforcement media with information on the company, their services and cases as they become public. LBM’s experience with working in the DNA analysis and genetic genealogy fields began in 2015 while working with several leading companies.

Innovative Forensic DNA’s first case broke last week with the announcement of the identity of the biological mother of an infant discovered in a cooler case on the side of a Georgia road in Jan. 2019. Innovative Forensic DNA assisted Troup County Sheriff’s office with a DNA analysis company in Oklahoma.

“Investigative genetic genealogy is still a very new field but rapidly growing,” Jennifer Moore, Managing Director of Innovative Forensic DNA and former Parabon genetic genealogist, commented. “All of our dedicated team members have extensive backgrounds in investigative genetic genealogy, legal, law enforcement, victim and family advocacy and private investigator research. We are committed to working with investigators from the very beginning with the initial evidence, through the investigation and resolution. We have the unique capabilities of working with our law enforcement customers through the entire life-cycle of any case.”

Jennifer Moore, managing director and genetic genealogist for Innovative Forensic DNA.

About Innovative Forensic DNA, LLC:

Innovative Forensic DNA is an investigative genetic genealogy firm providing services to law enforcement agencies, working collaboratively through the entire lifecycle of the case, from submission to conclusion. Unique in the industry, Innovative Forensic DNA combines years of expertise in the growing field of investigative genetic genealogy with a deep expertise in legal, law enforcement, and family advocacy. For more information, visit

About Laura Burgess Marketing:

Laura Burgess Marketing

Laura Burgess Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports, and outdoor markets. Laura Burgess, an industry veteran, and staff have over 40 years of combined experience in PR, marketing, social media, and content development. Laura Burgess Marketing’s current client list includes: Big Horn Armory, Cimarron Firearms Company, EAA Corporation, MasterPiece Arms Inc., Morphix Technologies, North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD), Othram, Pilgrim Ammunition, Shell Shock Technologies, Steinel Ammunition and Tasmanian Tiger®. Laura Burgess Marketing is headquartered in New Bern, North Carolina, with a satellite office in Maryland.

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