Do the Mantis Advanced Marksmanship Course!

Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

Yeah, we’re lonely, too.  Social isolation sucks.  So we’re making it better.
How? We just rolled out The Advanced Marksmanship Course (as a free app update, of course)!
Make sure you have the latest version of the app, go to the “Train” tab and scroll down to the bottom for all the goodness.
Yes, there is the Basic Marksmanship Course.  Do it.  Then do the Advanced.  Basic is Basic.  Advanced is Advanced.  Each course completion gets a nifty, real-life patch you can put on anything to let those who know, know.  And we send it to you for free. And you can’t get the patch any other way.  And it is guaranteed to create envy.
We’re also running a series of Quarantine Competitions you can do at home.  Follow us on
Instagram and/or Facebook for details!
Note: all of our products help shooters improve more rapidly.
Learn about all the new MantisX models here, then take your pick.  If you have an older model, we have a VERY generous trade-in program.
Train on,
Team Mantis

Learn More

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