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CRIMSON TRACEReviews: See what people are saying about the award-winning lasersaddle





I recently installed an LS-250G on my Shockwave and love it! It is ideal for firing from your side or hip with great accuracy. Anyone who has fired a Shockwave with full power loads knows the further away from your face you keep this gun the better off you are! If you are thinking about a lasersaddle, do it. You won’t regret it.


A must for my Mossberg Shockwave FDE. I truly hope I never have to use it for defending my family. I feel a peace of mind knowing I am prepared if ever needed though. We use it at home by our bed plus for security at our cabin in PA. Installed in a matter of minutes. Easy to use for me and my wife. Fits in the shotgun scabbard unlike other lasers that stick out and catches the scabbard lining. No regrets.


I just installed my new Lasersaddle on my Mossberg 500 and it was very easy. The laser fits perfectly and is easy to operate. If you have a saddle on the side of your shotgun, like I do, it will not get in the way at all. It makes aiming a piece of cake. If you own a Shockwave, this is a must have item. You can shoot from the hip with complete confidence you will hit what you are aiming at. Love this new product, and keep up the great work.


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