Scope Stimulus Package!

Not sure how to spend your inflation bucks?

Sweet. Scope. Sales.

Find extended 12% savings off some of our most popular scopes, and extraordinary deals on specific selections.  As always, our accessories come free of charge and you can complete a truly smoking deal with discounted mounting options!
Keep scrolling for scopes, accessories, AND the steel we’ve got left.

In the interest of offering our customers the very best, we are pleased to announce we’ll be receiving a shipment of Zero Compromise Optic scopes in the next few weeks.  MPCT-1 and MPCT-2 reticles in both 4-20x and 5-27x will be ready for immediate shipment.  MPCT-3 reticles carry approximately a 1 month backorder until the production batch hits sweet, sweet USA soil.

Fantastic glass. Fantastic turrets. Fantastic Elevation/Windage range. Forgiving eyebox.  Massive field of view. Need we go on?  Save $100 by using coupon
Don’t worry Joe, you WILL financially recover from this.


This Ares ETR is tricked out.  Yours can be too.  Or, for just $1000 you can save big and get a naked scope with the code

$200 off Ares ETR

We’ve got our hands on the brand new Strike Eagle 5-25x, with very limited quantities in both MIL and MOA models.  Think of a baby made by the likes of a Razor Gen II and a Viper Gen I.  Get $50 off, a free aluminum lever, free polymer lever, AND billet 34mm Ultra Low-Profile level…when you use code: 


NEW Strike Eagle 5-25x

If you’re in the market to outfit a new precision rifle, or a rimfire trainer, the Argos BTR Gen II starts at under $400 BEFORE our discount.  The turrets and glass on lower cost optics has never been this good before! Use code

 “12offargos” to get….you guessed it

12% Off Argos BTR Gen II

Short and light with massive adjustment, the 3.3-18x XTR III from Burris hits above it’s $1749 price tag…which is why it’s even better when we offer them for $1400!  Save a whopping $349 on this crisis cost crusher with code
Deal only applies to SCR2 MIL reticle.  Fortunately it’s our favorite!

Smokin’ SCR2 XTR III

Ahead of the Argos line, the Ares BTR Gen II features tracking accuracy found only in scopes costing several times as much just years ago.  A lightweight 30mm design and included Ultra Low-Profile Level & Pro Series Lever make this is an unbeatable combo starting at $700 when you enter code
Pretty clever, right?…right?

Unbeatable BTRs

Slim enough for compact scopes, perfectly visible past beefy turrets, and affordable enough for all your optics.  Take 12% off our already reasonably priced Ultra Low-Profile Levels with coupon:

Ultra Low-Pro Levels

On a temporary price reduction straight from Athlon, save hundreds on the Cronus BTR…and still get our billet Ultra Low-Pro Level & Lever set at no charge.  If you ever wished the Vortex Razor Gen II would come in a standard color and go on a diet…give the Cronus a look!

Cronus BTR Combo $1599

You’ve really done a number on our steel selection…and our backs.  Many targets are sold out, a few have inventory left, and we’re allowing backorders on our exceptionally popular (and well-priced) IPSC targets.  All non-backordered steel has gone out, figure 8 weeks for more IPSC targets as we move and cut more!
Find the new king of code popularity,
to be reinstated through next weekend.  Go wild.

Take It ALL

We’ve devoted part of our production to protective equipment, and we particularly enjoy supplying the rural, and often left out small town businesses.  Make a request at the new landing page we made for this crazy time!

We’ll Show You Our PPE

MK2 Bullpups-at anodization

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