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Whether you are Law Enforcement, Military or a First Responder, TASMANIAN TIGER WAS MADE FOR YOU.

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All Tasmanian Tiger Products are made using the best quality materials that are available, and designed so that every detail adds to the functionality. Beginning with a prototype, the development of the products is based on user’s specific needs and requirements. Only, when the comprehensive product testing process is complete – and we believe we have created the best possible product with the most functionality possible – do we move to production. You can rely on Tasmanian Tiger products – anywhere, any time.

What our Dealers and Customers are Saying

REVIEW: Tasmanian Tiger Small Medic Pack MK II
As one of the most trustworthy, premium suppliers of professional military and police equipment, Tasmanian Tiger makes products you can count on-one of them most certainly being the Small Medic Pack MKII. All of Tasmanian Tiger’s gear is produced …
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TT Raid Pack MKIII Product Review | Texas Adventure and…
The is a 52-liter capacity ‘short-back’ rucksack, which weighs a total of 6lbs empty and has a maximum load weight of 88lbs. The rucksack has one main compartment which is 48-liters that is divided into two sections, one being the sleeping bag…
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Tasmanian Tiger 2020 Product Catalog

Check out our full line of packs, bags, accessories, tactical and medical equipment, our undercover line and our new MultiCam Black line of products.

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